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BTTY and the Two Trees

Written & Copyrighted by Ashley Tobias


BTTY the Neighborhood Bumble Bee is not just any ordinary bee, you see?

BTTY was born in a land full of sand BTTY was born in Jamaica, man!

Living in Jamaica was a dream come true.

So much fun in the sun; how could he ever be blue?

One day BTTY discovered nature’s true beauty:

a tree, great in size,

filled with lots of great fruities.

And on the tallest branch of this beautiful tree, was a bright purple owl staring at the bee.

Hello, Mr. Owl. Is it okay if I join you?

Of course!” said the owl. “I’d be sad if you chose not to.

“The name’s William P Owl, but I go by Willy P.

And I just love spending my mornings in this delicious berry tree.

You’re quite the itty bitty bee, but you’ll be safe cuz you’ve got me.

I can be a real hoot you see. I can be a hoot indeed.”

So, Willy P and BTTY became friends forever more.

Eating, flying, and playing,

out and about on the shore.

The bees stretched their wings,

And the birds sang their song.

Willy P and BTTY clapping and dancing happily along.

In the distance, they saw someone flying,

flying straight toward their tree.

When that someone got much closer,

it was a bee they had never seen.

Hello there, stranger. Welcome to our home!”

“Are you hungry? We have berries!” they said in a friendly tone.

“What a nice home you have! So peaceful. What a beauty!

I’ve come to make it mine, and to eat all your tree’s fruities.”

The bees hovered speechless, unsure of what to say.

They watched in shock as this new bee claimed their home that very day.

Willy P you’ve got to help us! We don’t know what to do!” “How do we make him leave, make him not eat our food?

He’s a bully, I’m afraid, someone unkind, someone who’s mean. But soon he’ll leave, Yes, leave indeed. after he takes what it is he needs.”

“This is our home Willy. We need to tell him that! He can’t steal from us, and well, that’s just that!”

Enough is enough!” said BTTY “Trickstabee, you’re just too mean! Enough is enough! I think it's time for you to leave.”

Not so fast!” laughed TKB. “Who do you think you are? Try to stand up to me! You won’t get very far.”

“You're just an itty bitty bee. Isn’t that how you got your name? You’re just an itty bitty bee. So small- what a shame!”

“Friends, attack!” yelled TKB.“Capture your friend, BTTY!” If you listen to what I say, I’ll be nicer, out of pity.”

The other bees were frightened, and chose to fly away.

They didn’t want to hurt BTTY,

but they knew they couldn’t stay.

BTTY looked around for Willy, but he was nowhere to be seen.

It was up to BTTY now, to stand up to someone so very mean.

This way and that way, that way and this,

BTTY tried to escape from Trickstabee’s tight grip.

Finally, a small clearing appeared through the hive.

Good thing BTTY was so small in size!

In the blink of an eye BTTY dashed past, leaving the isle, not once looking back.




.......... To read the entirety of this story, contact Ashley Tobias ..........

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