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Headspace - 2021

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Headspace is THATGIRLTOBI'S secondary album. This album unlike TOBI'S first, speaks on the overall theme of loss, grief, and how to bounce back and re-gain your strength, even during such unprecedented times at these.

Check out the track below on Spotify, "Runaway" off the album!

'Headspace' is an anthem for all those who may be going through hard times. It is a heavy duty emotional affair and for THATGIRLTOBI , a way to heal during quarantine times while dealing with a long-term relationship breakup.

"This past year- plus- for everyone, has been truly life changing in many ways— and for me, personally, I’ve gone through A LOT of emotional changes and ups and downs. From my career and industry being on pause, to my recent 8 year break up and learning to depend on myself again, and discover and overcome new challenges. 'Headspace' is an anthem for those who are going through tough times." --- Tobi


Lyrics and Music written by yours truly, TOBI

Production by MRC Riddims of Internet and Weed,



Please continue to follow and check out all THATGIRLTOBI things as she continues to release music, break barriers, and promote mental health awareness for all ages. --- xoxoxo

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