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Interview: "Tell Me, Tell Me"

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Press Release

February 20, 2020

For Immediate Release

Contact: Carl Schultz Action! PR

Gogol Bordello Vocalist TOBI to Release New Single "Tell Me Tell Me" Dance-Pop / Diva-House Banger from Powerhouse Singer Streaming Now

TOBI @thatgirltobi

New York based vocalist TOBI (aka Ashley Tobias) is a professional entertainer known for her work as singer, dancer and percussionist for multi platinum gypsy punk group Gogol Bordello. Renowned for her electric performances and ability to create music that is both expressive and entertaining, TOBI's work is epic in scale and grand in style, seeking to tell a story that demands to be heard. On February 28, TOBI will release her new single, "Tell Me Tell Me", via Harlem record label Internet & Weed. The track, produced in conjunction with her partners and writing team, MRC Riddims (the DJ/production team of Alap Now [ex-Dälek] and Merc Yes), can be heard now at this location.

"Tell Me Tell Me" is about a mystery caller. A sort of forbidden fruit or lust that can never actually be, for whatever reason, a "real thing,"TOBI explains. "So there's this playful fantasy you create up in your mind, to sort of not only entertain yourself, but to re-awaken something deep in your soul."

This collaboration came together because of Gogol Bordello's Eugene Hutz," she continues. "He was the curator of this musical team. As the female singer in Gogol Bordello, Eugene invited me to sing on his newest upcoming solo album, and Alap is the head producer of that project. It was during one of our sessions for Eugene, that Alap and I TOTALLY hit it off and discovered that we are kindred spirits. I had been, for a long while, looking for producers who understood my sound and overall brand and discovered that in MRC Riddims. We began writing new music, in which they would bring songs to me, and I to them. They brought the track "Tell Me Tell Me" my way and I just took it from there."

TOBI will release a music video for "Tell Me Tell Me" in the coming weeks. Stay up-to-date on all of TOBI's happenings by following her on Instagram @thatgirltobi.

TOBI - "Tell Me Tell Me" Feat. MRC Riddims

In November 2015, Ashley released her first single, “Warrior of Love,” produced, mixed, and co-written by Daniel Jakubovic of Modern English. In the summer of 2019, she dropped "Don't Deny Urself", her first single as TOBI, and initial collaboration with MRC Riddims. A high-powered piece of electropop in the vein of Born This Way-era Lady Gaga, the song is intended to empower today’s youth to express themselves regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, and to fight against bullying and the nation’s current mental health epidemic.

In addition to her musical career, Ashley is also the founder and CEO ofBee True To You, an interactive, curriculum based anti-bullying program and live pop/rock assembly for kids that seeks to influence through the power of music and education by “Taking the Sting out of Bullying”. The program has garnered extremely positive reactions from parents and teachers alike, while performing for over 30,000 in tri-state area schools. For more information, visit at: Beetruetoyou.organd the Bee True to You YouTube Channel: subscribe NOW.

TOBI is available to speak with interested media. To chat with her, simply contact Carl Schultz at Action! PR. About TOBI:

Ashley Tobias (aka TOBI) is a professional singer known for her electric performances with the award-winning NYC group Gogol Bordello. Tobias is also a youth speaker, and Founder of Pop/Rock anti-bullying program Bee True to You, whose recent credits include backup vocals for the Infamous Andy Grammer and Rachel Platten, several high profile appearances on Good Morning America, VH1’S You Oughta Know Concert and the Today Show. Her vocals can also be heard on the soundtrack to the Fox Search Light motion picture, Patti Cake$. For more info., visit

About Internet & Weed:

Internet & Weed is a NYC based production company / record label formed by musician / producers Alap Momin, Merc Anthony, and Christian Alexander. Internet & Weed was formed to explore and release a wide range of Stoner 808, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Booty, Dance & various Club music styles. The artists on the label span a diverse array of genres, all brought together by what I & W likes to call "Womb Music", a sound that evokes a dreamlike state bringing the listener back to a time before they were born and listening from the womb. Whether for the dancefloor, the whip, or your headphones, Internet & Weed promises to bring the listener a sound that isn't currently available anywhere else. FollowInternet & Weed on Facebook.

"TOBI (real name Ashley Tobias) has been hard at work, spreading music, positivity, and love all over the world. Most recently, she has been achieving this mission as one of the singers in international touring rock band Gogol Bordello since 2017." - Underground Music Collective

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