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LOVE, Rainbows n' NYC!

After being locked down and kept away from humans for the last 14 or so months, I went on my first LARGE crowd gathering this past weekend... PRIDE babyyyyyyYYYYY!!

How exciting!?!?!?!?!?!?

I mean, first of all- What a day and time to celebrate in the first place. Love, happiness and Rainbows for all. I mean DUH- obviously, yeah! And also, the second thing, being out among the forgotten human race at an outdoor event in general is pretty bizarre, but WITH the theme being positivity and hope, well that was pretty well, tear jerking.

And LASTLY-- I have actually never been to any sort of NYC parade ANYTHING; Thanksgiving, NYE, Pride... so this was my first, and I was SO happy to have been apart of it.

I am not someone who completely associates themselves directly with PRIDE, for myself, however growing up in the Musical Theater world since the age of 9, I have accepted, befriend, had multiple sleepovers and been OBSESSED with those in my life who classify themselves as part of the LGBTQ community.

I truly believe NYC has always been and always WILL be built upon the outcasts, the weirdos, the hippies, the over privileged, the under privileged, the artists, the stock brokers, the fashion lovers, the doers, the gays, the lesbians, the binary folk and everything and anything else in between.

I am proud to call New York City my home, and I am even MORE proud to say I have stayed here throughout the e n t I r e p a n d e m I c. They say it takes 7 years for someone to become a true "New Yorker" or an actual resident in any particular state. After 7 years living in Astoria Queens, I finally do feel like New York truly is my home, and I feel like I belong here. Which leads me to my next comment...

If I could say anything to that little confused bi-racial girl, myself, when I was a kid-- I would say...

"There is a place for you out there where you will truly feel yourself. It might take you a while to connect to others, your surroundings, your community, and discover that place, but it DOES exist, and you will NOT be alone.-- So as much as you may think you are alone, I promise you, you are not alone."

I will forever stand with the LGBTQ community and whoever else feels that they have not had a fair shot in life and/or is afraid to be who they truly are, I will forever act as an advocate, helping others find their own voice, helping others develop, uncover, and sparkle sparkle shine with their outer AND inner-confidence.

Check out this song below that I wrote with my writing team MRC RIDDIMS--- PRE-COVID about accepting and loving yourself exactly the way you are.... "Madonna--- you best watch out yoooo!"

So anyway, where was I?? ohhh yes! 

----------PRIDE!---- Okay, so now I would love to give you a little insight into what MY pride day looked like:

1) It was WAYYYYY too hot, so my roomie/best friend and I waited until mid-day to venture into the city, via car. Yes I have a car in the city--- so in that way, I don't experience the typical hustle and bustle with groceries walking 15 blocks to get to my apartment cursing and sweating the whole way there. But just so you don't completely hate me, parking DOES suck and I've gotten several tickets.... meh, meh meh.

2) Outfits, outfits and MORE outfits... yes a pride outfit is of the UTEmost importance. After SEVERAL costume changes at home, I decided to rock gym bootie shorts recently purchased from Charlotte Russe from the American Dream Mall---- post to come about THAT place.. .and a cropped exercise bright yellow top from old Navy, to help keep those sweat marks in tack, and give my midriff some air to breath... I then put baby blue gift wrapping ribbon in my hair and rocked two small buns with the rest of my hair down in the back. My roomie/bestie gave me some super cute heart stickers and some glitter adhesive stickers for the face, popped on those bad boys and headed to the car!

3) Driving through the city, we figured the best place to park would be UNION SQUARE, as that was where the parade was happening that Sunday. And of course, while we were driving, we were listening, belting and screaming to Madonna Songs, Britney, and of course Lady Gaga. DUH.

4) Strolling around the area we saw lots of sparkles, lots of rainbow flags, lots of rainbow overlay skirts, and lots of smiling happy joyous faces... Remember-- we have all been deprived of humanity for SO long... My covid bubble consisted of like 6 people, so the thousands I was encountered with for PRIDE was a bitttt larger than my 6 people bubble, but it felt so good to be "involved in something" and something "GOOD and SO IMPORTANT" for that matter.

5) After walking through massive crowds, telling each other "this is TOTES FUN".... I think both of us started to have a bit of anxiety about the amount of people, AND how hot it was, so we left the crowds to find some cold and extremely refreshing margaritas:) Because, well, obviously.

6) Number 6 brings me to the restaurant we stumbled upon, "Black Ant" ... first off, the margaritas at this place were SUPER delicious, with an outstanding happy hour special, and more imporantly, what we both got for lunch was superb. Now before you make any comments about how generic my meal choice was, you must hold all comments because you have NO idea how good they actually were..... "CHICKEN AND CHEESE QUESADILLA" yes, generic as f*ck, but like I was saying... the BEST QUESADILLA'S IN MY LIFE". So yes, please make sure you check out "Black Ant"--Location: 60 Second Ave East Village" ... they also have a TON of entrees that include those small grasshoppers... which again, hold your comments, because I've actually had them before in Mexico City, and they taste like little pop corn chickens!

............Yes. Really!

7) After our delicious happy hour lunch, we walked across from east 3rd to west 3rd through "Washington Square Park".. which was EXTREMELY packed, (a little too packed for my always being Covid Safe Vibes) but fun to observe, and then headed back safely and very suntired to our car.

8) Coming home after a long, satisfying day is always such a great feeling, especially when you are excited for the journey home because you know that means you and your bestie/roommate are going to watch at least 1 episode of New Girl, while bumbling (obvi) followed by some scary movie, orrrrrrr classic wedding vibe movie such as the one we watched, "5 year engagement" .

This past PRIDE, for me, will always be an extremely special one to remember. --- The first one I went to, the first big crowd experience post Covid (yes I am aware there is another variant called Delta. To those who may not be vaccinated, I urge you to be safe and self aware! Sending love your way) and just a time for hope and love that I believe are the two things that are amplified DUE to Covid and it's devastating results.

So, thank you to those in charge of the PRIDE parade for giving it the go ahead to happen this year, and for those who have never been apart of the experience-- PRIDE is definitely a time to bust out your sparkle crowns, loud outfits, and your best Schitts Creek impressions. So if that sounds good to you, I hope you partake in the event next year. And remember, PRIDE is more than just 1 day, more than just 1 month, it's a lifetime of spreading love.

READERS---- THANKS FOR READING you lovely, lovely people and hopefully you've enjoyed my 3rd blog post. Should you like to read a blog post specific about something in my life that I have experienced, or have any dyinggggggg questions, I would LOVEEE to hear and connect with you.

Until then----

Peace, Love, Rage and more Love<3333



Should you feel compelled to donate to the LGBTQ community and want to continue to help and make a difference, there are several websites you can check out. I've compiled the top ones below for you<3333

*The Trevor Project



* True Colors United



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