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Bee True To You - 2019

Though a debuting concept album for THATGIRLTOBI'S children program Bee True To You, this album marks her very first full length musical release. A family friendly album for the young, and young at heart.

What is Bee True To You? Bee True To You is an award winning Pop-Rock Anti-Bullying and Social Emotional program for kids. A program that has been successfully touring and performing it's school musical for the past 7 years, with the now help of Top Children's Booking Agencies. The brand and its performances have received RAVING testimonies from Mayors, Teachers, CEO's, Students and much more. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, TOBI and her team, continued to work hard, even harder, and altered and "pivoted" her platform to expand Virtually into the streaming world. Thus enabling her program to help and connect with students all across the country.

For those who don’t know who BTTY the Bee is and his backstory, he’s your friendly neighborhood bumblebee who was sent on a mission from THE Queen B to help children on land discover their truest selves🤟🏽 ... Together with his best friend, bubbly blue haired pop singer TOBI- the two use their power of music to create positive change.

Everyone’s had their own version of BTTY THE BEE growing up… A mascot, character or assembly program that visited their school with some sort of empowering and inspiring message. For me BTTY was Smokey The Bear. A national mascot loved and known by all.
THAT has been my goal with my creation of @bttythebee . To create a hero and a program/brand that transcends time with its music & messages that are loved and adored by ALL ages. ---- Tobi

Being socially aware, socially intelligent, mindful of others and learning how to foster a true sense of belonging, is guaranteed to contribute to a positive school environment... And that is EXACTLY what TOBI'S mission at Bee True To You is all about.



All Music and Lyrics Written By Ashley Tobias (TOBI)

Mastering: Chris Muth at Taloowa Mastering and Vinyl Cutting

Musicians Include:

@boris.pelekh _ Co- Production, Musical Director, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, BeatBox, Head LIVE Hive Technician-- “Bee True To You", "5 Rocking Rules", "BTTY The Bee", "Teamwork", "Take My Hand

@danieljakubovic _ Co-Production, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, BGV-- "Confidence", All "Letters", "True Friend" "Teamwork" "Dance Party"

@prsms _ Co-Production, Mixing-- "Introducing", "Take My Hand", "Thank You", "5 Rocking Rules"

@timkubart _ Special Guest "Take My Hand"

Choir BGV "Take My Hand": Madison Rodriquez, Olivia Schaefer, Joanna Sarantakis, Matthew Scollon, Albertine Eno

@gill.alexandre _ Co- Production, Mixing-- "Bee True To You" (Theme Song), Hive Technician

@devoncjohnson _ Production-- "Can't Control Me", BGV: @jrubaii & Alyssa Carswell (Chris Carswell)

@trousetiki Co- Production-- "BTTY The Bee"

@jambiggins _ Cello-- "Take My Hand"

@dubta _ BGV "5 Rocking Rules""5 Rocking Rules"

@chevykaeo _ Voice of BTTY in "A Special Thank You"

Album Art: @oscar_feliz_cartoons

Album Design: @joemarson


Sooooo without further ado, tell your moms, tell your dads, tell your aunts and uncles, your neighbors, your niece and nephew, or maybe your own kids!! —- and *BEE* sure to check out the Spotify link below and in the BIO.

And a HUGE thank you to all my friends and family who supported me every step of the way during this CRAZYYYYY roller coaster ride of emotions and epic journey..I am forever grateful to all of you!

Hope you enjoy the music!! Please continue to follow and check out all THATGIRLTOBI things as she continues to release music, break barriers, and promote mental health awareness for all ages. --- xoxoxo


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