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Music Makes My Heart____ - 2021

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Music Makes My Heart____ is an album for the ages. ALL AGES to be exact.

Check out the track below on Spotify, "Save The Bees" off the album!

As we have all collectively undergone some serious trauma, losses and extreme hardships due to the Pandemic that is Covid-19, THATGIRLTOBI and sidekick BTTY THE BEE want to spread some light, love and positivity to all, through the power of music...TO ALL!

Hence, this album!

Whether music makes you sing, dance, workout, meditate, laugh, cry, whatever it may be, the overall theme of this album is that music is L.I.F.E and it affects us, touches us and feeds our soul. And it is during trying times like these, when we are lost, or afraid, or unsure of what lies ahead, we must remember how music makes us feel, how it gives strength to carry on and inspires us to *bee* the best versions of ourselves.


Lyrics and Music written by yours truly, TOBI

Co- Production by MRC Riddims of Internet and Weed



Please continue to follow and check out all THATGIRLTOBI things as she continues to release music, break barriers, and promote mental health awareness for all ages. --- xoxoxo

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